Welcome! The Civil Graces Project is a personal memoir that chronicles my experiences on the campaign trail for the U.S. Congress. Of the many things I witnessed, the most transformative was seeing the power in our communities. Every day people are working together to make great things happen. However, that is not often the message we see depicted. We hear how we are a nation divided and on the brink of destroying one another. We, the People, are the authors of our story in this country. I wanted to challenge the notion that the U.S. is a country divided and explore how changing our political discourse can bring people together rather than tear us apart. In The Civil Graces Project: The Pursuit for Common Ground, I hope to provide a compassionate approach to healing America’s dialogue that respects the country’s robust diversity of ideas and drills down to the root of our presently chaotic political climate.

We begin by examining our individual lives and the thoughts we think. We explore how making small changes in one’s life can lead to a collective change in the world. The Civil Graces Project invites us to have the courage to discover the things we have in common to heal and create a community – and by extension, a world – that is more inclusive and just.

With the U.S. at a transformative juncture in human history, The Civil Graces Project highlights how the old system is no longer serving Americans and emphasizes the importance of redefining the common ground so that the nation can rearticulate what is essential and develop a partnership model of society. We have seen in so many ways how our people are hurting. When a nation is divided, it is much easier to overcome, but a united people are much harder to break, even if their ideas are diverse. If we are constantly told we are at odds, we begin to lose hope in one another. That is the real tragedy. Ultimately, The Civil Graces Project is not necessarily a book full of answers, but rather an exploration of the questions that can shift from the concept of “a country divided” to that of a country with many gifts and opportunities to redesign the future together.

I designed the logo for Civil Graces to be two fingerprints that combine and form a heart. I believe that while we each have our unique identity, we can find space where we unite. By taking care of the space in between, we heal our communities, our nation, and our world. It also signifies that when we are on opposite sides of a debate, we have to have courage, which originally meant to “come with one’s heart” to find the third way…the middle path. The Civil Graces are those unifying, timeless beliefs that will guide us through the journey as we create that “more perfect union.”

The Civil Graces Project: The Pursuit for Common Ground–Now On Sale

About the Book: There are many ways to live a life, but one thing we know for sure through studying history, the arts, psychology, business, or nearly any field you wish is that there are certain characteristics to living a life of meaning and purpose—elements that also resonate with the founding ideals of the United States. Author Elizabeth Moro refers to these self-evident truths as the Civil Graces. The Civil Graces Project invites you to embark on a journey that has the power to transform your life and the world around you. There are many graces to choose from, and embracing a few or even one in your life can shift your perspective and bring about dramatic change. You can live your life with intention and attention, despite what might be happening in the larger context of the world. Escape the noise and live the life of your dreams. You can save the world by first examining your life and then putting these truths into practice. This self-improvement guide focuses on uniting principles that uplift us and bring us together to pursue common ground and make a more perfect union.


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