“I am a part of all that I have met.” 

– Lord Tennyson 

There is nothing more necessary in our world than genuine human connection, and to be loved, accepted, and contributing is a common thread we share. Nothing has changed this dynamic more than the devices we hold in our hands. We dialogue about the role mobile phones/devices have in our home frequently. Research shows they are truly changing the way humans relate to one another…and not in a good way. In an age of efficiency and virtual reality, are humans missing out on true connection? Earlier last year, I completed a course on “Authentic Happiness” and one of the discussions was all around our devices, the adrenaline rush we get from “likes” on social media and the devastating effects of social comparison. Think about what it would mean to have someone’s full attention in conversation. Perhaps one of the Civil Graces we can express is to take the time to be fully present with one another. Check out this short video by Simon Sinek and let me know your thoughts.

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