“Individual liberty and interdependence are both essential for life in society.” -Mahatma Gandhi

We are celebrating inter-dependence today instead of independence. My husband, Vince, and I talk about the big questions all the time…like any of us, we have experienced the joys, celebrations, trials, and heartbreak of life. We realize as human beings, we are far from perfect ourselves. It’s like the ideas which formed this nation…that lofty vision didn’t always translate into noble or just actions. Our country is continually evolving. Humanity struggles often because we have so much of our focus on “making it” as individuals. This creates not only a sense of being alone but also the fear of separateness. We protect our little piece of the pie, thinking someone might take what is ours.

If we are willing to let go of this limited way of viewing life and embrace true freedom, that sense of lack and attachment to what we have releases its grip. In this uncomfortable time of growth, we can transform this emphasis on independence and realize that we are all connected in a web of life. We can move forward as a better nation if we are willing to let go of our attachment to the past (the way things were) and open the window to possibilities of new relationships with one another. We can explore ideas that may push a little bit. We are free to be who we are, but this exists in relation to those around us. Our freedom doesn’t mean we get to cause pain to others. It requires letting go of judgment and self-righteousness so that we can open our hearts to one another. Every day is an invitation to continue working toward that more perfect union.

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