“In this day and age, when it feels that the global unconsciousness is leading the headlines, it is time for us to make a commitment to something better. We must raise our own energies and make the inner quest to do all we can to bring forth the civil graces and save the world from those who wish otherwise.” -Elizabeth Moro

After my political race, despite how disheartened I was at the process, I didn’t want to rest there. I wanted to create something beautiful out of that experience, even though it was an extremely challenging time in my life. It reminds me of the poetic lines by Dinos Christianopoulos:

“What didn’t you do to bury me, but you forgot I was a seed.”

Sometimes the moments of darkness are when we grow the most. By doing the inner work and exploring these last few years around the idea of creating space for the common ground, I realized that we needed to re-member what unites us without losing what we each bring forth. I dedicated myself to find those principles, and with that the Civil Graces Project was born.

There are many ways to live a life, but one thing we know for sure through studying history, the arts, psychology, business, or nearly any field you wish is that there are certain characteristics to living a life of meaning and purpose—elements that also resonate with the founding ideals of our country. I refer to these self-evident truths as the Civil Graces.

The Civil Graces Project is an invitation to embark on a journey with the power to transform your life and the world around you. There are many graces to choose from, and embracing a few or even one in your life can shift your perspective and bring about dramatic change. You can live your life with intention and attention, despite what might be happening in the broader context of the world. You can save the world by first examining your life and then putting these truths into practice. This book focuses on uniting principles that uplift us and bring us together to pursue the common ground to make a more perfect union.

I think we are tired of the feeling of fighting one another, and inside we each know that there has to be a better way. This book is not full of answers. Instead, it explores the questions that can shift the narrative of “a country divided” to a country with many gifts and opportunities to heal. We can redesign our future together through dialogue while respecting each other’s ideas and the diversity that is our strength. We have seen in so many ways how our society is hurting. If we are always told we are at odds, we begin to lose hope in one another. That is the real tragedy. I want to shift that conversation onto what we all can do, and that each of us can play a part in creating a better world. There is a hidden wholeness that connects all of life–even science is starting to recognize this. Each of us has had moments that shaped our view of the world. Our stories and our ideas are needed more than ever. We don’t have to wait for an election or for someone outside to save us. We are precisely the answer we are looking for–we just have to see it and believe it. We can find new ways to transform our world into one that works for all.

The Civil Graces Project is available at www.BalboaPress.com, www.Amazon.com, and www.BarnesandNoble.com.

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